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Utilising a combination of nature's finest ingredients and cutting edge bio technology body scans, The Juice Doctor offers packages designed to kickstart your body into repair and rejuvenation mode.  

Let your body become the best you imaginable.

GO Juice! Detox are a team of passionate individuals dedicated to health.  Led by Nutritional Therapist Erran Warden, the program co-ordinates a unique assembly of bio-technology with the best of nature's health giving ingredients cheerleading the body to heal and repair itself.


Erran's passion for people, healing and helping sees him assist countless men, women and children to successfully overcome long-standing health challenges and weight problems through cleansing, detox and applying age-old natural health principles.  


There's more. GO Juice! Detox fuses cutting edge bio technology with natural cleansing and juice nutrition to achieve optimal health and natural healing from within. 


Weight loss happens naturally without being a priority, almost as a side-effect as the body quickly eliminates toxins, cravings and the appetite for sugar and those 'naughty' processed foods. Losing up to half a stone in a week is a regular occurence as can be seen from our testimonials!


Fusing the best of modern technology with the age old wisdom of nature,

let the Juice Doctor lead your body to being the best you imaginable.



Erran Warden

The Award winning Juice Doctor


Meet Nature's advocate Erran Warden; Nutritional Therapist, Professional sports coach and star of Channel 4 and Sky TVs 'Supersize Kids' -On A Diet - who swears by the power of natural, raw juice. A strong believer in helping the body to heal itself, and now witnessed by millions on TV; over the course of a few months, Erran took a 26 stone overweight teen on an emotional rollercoaster of diet and exercise dramatically reducing his weight. 


When first aired on Channel 4, the sheer volume of emails and positive viewer comments overwhelmed Channel 4's website causing it to crash! View the emotional rollercoaster of drama here:

Meet The Juice Doctor


As well as in the media, the Juice Doctor is busy touring the country attending various events to spread the Liquid Life message.  Get in touch to find out when we'll be visiting a town near you and witness your transformation.

Wondering what the GO Juice! Detox regime is really all about and if you've the constitution to hack it? Read Lips Read's no holds barred account from the "baton" until the dreaded "Purge".

Hear one woman's battle of the parasites.

The proof's in the pudding...Please excuse our poor use of words. However, don't just take our word about the transformative effect of the GO Juice! Detox program, hear just how people across the country are teaching their bodies to heal themselves

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