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Are you fast approaching your wedding day and disappointed

at your weight loss so far?


During this intensive 6 week course you will pro-actively define and implement your fitness and weight loss goals.  You will receive:

* GO Juice! Co-ordinator

* GO Juice! Detox scan

* GO Juice! Cleanse

* Go Juice! Plan of action (Nutritional based)

* Weekly check-ins (Daily check-in options available too)

* Fitness plans (optional)




Getting married any time between three and six months?


You might be less advanced in your bridal journey and have time to gently implement a programme that will allow you to change your life and body for the long term.

During this 12 week programme, you will receive:

* GO Juice! Co-ordinator

* GO Juice! Detox scan (One per month)

* GO Juice! Cleanse

* Go Juice! Plan of action (Nutritional based)

* Monthly check-ins until the six week marker (Daily check-in options available too)

* Walking In Stilettos Mini Course (Two sessions)

* Fitness plans (optional)


GO Juice! Detox are a team of passionate individuals dedicated to health.  Led by Nutritional Therapist Erran Warden, (Nutritionist from Channel 4's Supersize Kids) the program co-ordinates a unique assembly of bio-technology with the best of nature's health giving ingredients cheerleading the body to heal and repair itself.


GO Juice! Detox fuses cutting edge bio technology with natural cleansing and juice based nutrition to achieve optimal health and natural healing from within. 


Weight loss happens naturally without being a priority, almost as a side-effect as the body quickly eliminates toxins, cravings and the appetite for sugar and those 'naughty' processed foods. Losing up to half a stone in a week is a regular occurence as can be seen from our testimonials - and that is not from our weight loss programme!


Fusing the best of modern technology with the age old wisdom of nature,

let the Juice Doctor lead your body to being the best you imaginable.

Feel happy, healthy and ready to start this next chapter fighting fit.





Learn To Walk

Get Ready For All Eyes On You...


If like most women, you’re more comfortable running around in a pair of ballet pumps rather than stilettos,

thinking about how you’re are going to navigate your way through your entire big day in your heels may be disconcerting.


Walking In Stilettos has the answer to every bride-to-be’s prayers. We pride ourselves in teaching women to walk with poise, grace and comfort in their heels, ALL DAY.


We offer a bespoke programme especially for you, whether you're getting married in five months or five weeks.  From walking to travelling up and down stairs, exiting vehicles, you'll be soon sashaying with confidence like a professional. Treating you to some stress relieving Alexander Technique sessions, let us improve your posture and silhouette, and alleviate your back and joint pain.

Meet The High Heels Guru...

Most recognised from regular appearances on Britain's Next Top Model, Chyna Whyne, the High Heeled Guru is now on hand offering her well trained Chyna Dolls to solve every womans high heel woes. 

 Find Out More about the Walking In Stilettos programme here.

If you're getting married and want to get healthy and lose weight naturally, invest in your Save Me! Bridal Package and be the best you. 

Utilising a combination of nature's finest ingredients and cutting edge bio technology body scans, The Juice Doctor offers packages designed to kickstart your body into repair and rejuvenation mode.  

Let your body become the best you imaginable.

Photography on this page It's My Magazine photographer Dumitrel Rada

Weight loss might be something that is a priority for you at the moment. Give yourself as much time as possible as ultimately, you want this weight loss attempt to be your last, so doing it slowly and safely is best for the longterm.

Wondering what the GO Juice! Detox regime is really all about and if you've the constitution to hack it? Read Lips Read's no holds barred account from the "baton" until the dreaded "Purge".

Hear one woman's battle of the parasites.

The proof's in the pudding...Please excuse our poor use of words. However, don't just take our word about the transformative effect of the GO Juice! Detox program, hear just how people across the country are teaching their bodies to heal themselves

Your Wedding SOS Package with GO Juice! Detox

Your Save Me! Bridal Packages

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