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Skin & Nails Radiance Combo


Ready to give your skin some love?

Tired, thirsty skin needs some TLC to really look it's best £99

- Tackles skin imbalances (dry, greasy, acne-prone) from within. 

- Contains anti-aging properties

- Balance's nail health

Hair Regrowth Combo


Tired of parched, dry, anxiety-ridden hair?

Try something new and tackle it well as healthy hair grows in a healthy scalp, and that starts from within £69

- Regenerate hair follicles

- Stimulates hair growth

- Great for receding hairlines and bald patches

- Restores breakage and great for diffuse thinning

​ Ultimate Detox & Weight Loss Program


Ready to shift those excess pounds and commit to keeping it off?  

End your past journey with yo-yo weight loss and experience a natural alternative that will lead to a life time of better health if you're ready for that step £399 (normally £453, saving £54)

- Lose weight gently and effectively

- Detox and cleanse sluggish systems

- Improved radiance from within

- Helps reverse long standing health conditions

- Improves hair and skin

- Increases energy and vitality

Lack Of Energy Combo


Tired of being tired?  

Get that spring back into your step with this emergency package £99 (normally £127, save £28)

- Increase energy

- Improves libido

- Greater clarity and mental focus

- Increased vitality and vigour 

Asthma & Anti-Hayfever Combo


If like many you start to experience the sniffles at the onset of spring time, then get in touch to keep those pesky symptoms at bay £189

- Tackle your response to allergens

- Flush your lungs 

- Say goodbye to hayfever for good

SOS (Save Our Skin) Combo


Ready for amazing, glowing skin?  

Introducing nature's radiant and anti-ageing skin care range combined to get you top results for thirsty skin £199.

- Rejuvenates problem skin

- Helps to eliminate pimples and break outs 

- Revitalising anti ageing properties

- Helps to balance and restore uneven skin tones or hyper-pigmentation

Express Detox Combo


Fast track your general health and wellbeing £99 (normally £119, save £20)

- Eliminate bloating

- Improve Energy

- Improve Digestion

- Increase Concentration

Mini Detox Combo


In depth health and wellbeing mini package £149 (normally £179, save £30)

- Eliminate bloating

- Increased energy

- Improve memory and concentration

- Improve digestion

- Reduce cravings

- Improve joint health

- Improve sleep

Detox & Lifestyle Change Combo


An intensive package designed to see positive changes within the main areas of your life £199 (normally £245, saving £46)

- Increased energy and stamina

- Long term illness reversal

- Reduced lower back pain

- Eliminate bloating

- Natural weight loss

- Glowing skin and hair

- Balanced blood sugar

- Reduced joint pain

- Improved brain and memory function

- Better digestion

- Improved circulation

- Reduced blood pressure

- Improved sleep

Lack Of Sleep, Anti-Insomnia Combo


Are you ready for a good night's sleep?  

A restful sleep is essential for local repair work and improved body function, ensure you get yours £65 (normally £79, saving £14)

- Improved sleep quality and restorative sleep

- More regulated sleep adhering to restful sleep patterns and cycles

- Natural alternative to regular sleep medication

Curb Your Bloating And Digestive issues Combo


Rid yourself of those pesky hard-to-shift final pounds with this right on time combo £149 (normally £177, saving £28) 

- Minimise bloating

- Reduces gas

- Lose inches

- Assist your digestion

- Reduces heartburn and acid reflux

- Improves symptoms of Crohn's and IBS 

CHILDREN'S CORNER: Concentration & Study Performance Enhancer


Perfect for students mature and young, receive fabulous brain support £97

- Increased brain support

- Better mental clarity and focus

- Improved concentration

- Increased confidence and interactive participation

CHILDREN'S CORNER: Anti-Autism Combo


Would you like to improve the way your child's brain functions, naturally? Look no further £266

- Address and improve your child's brain function

- Helps to calm and regulate behaviour 

- Increase and improve verbal interaction

- Helps to improve cognitive and reasoning skills 

- Encourages more relaxed social interaction

- Helps to improve night time regimes and restorative sleep

Lung & Respiratory Support Combo


Let us help you breathe better.  

Are you interested in improved lung function? Whether you're a smoker or just interested in breathing the best you can, then try this natural alternative today £99

- Oxygen Therapy

- Nasal flush programme

- Improved lung function

- Decreased recovery time after exercise

Piles & Anti-Haemorrhoids Combo


Give your under carriage a break with this life changing combo.  Enhance your core being and improve health and decrease your discomfort with this Piles & Anti- Haemorrhoids Combo £274

- Tackle discomfort caused by piles and haemorrhoids

- Create a more balanced environment for repair and healing

- Help prevent recurrence 

Joint Pain and Anti-Arthritis Combo


Sick of hearing creaking joints and clicking digits?  

Treat dry joints with nature's ultimate lubrication, this combo is sure to bring your skeleton back to life £150

- Targets joint pain 

- Addresses Arthritic conditions

- Helps restore movement and flexibility

- Reduction of stiffness and RSI (repetitive strain injury) symptoms

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Detox Made Easier...Combos For Your Improved Health


People spend a lot of time trying to find the right detox for their individual health concern.

We've made it easier by targeting effective combos geared towards combating specific problems.   Detoxing solves problems and achieves weight loss by removing the accumulating toxins within the body which are in opposition to wellness.  

Different problems may require a different approach to tackle the underlying issue and these combo's have been finely tuned to ensure you get the results you desire.

Feel great, lose weight, increase energy and acquire more radiance

with a specially formulated Detox Combo



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