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With the peak of a very cold winter fast approaching, everyone is becoming sick, and the odds of you joining them is increasing by the day. To help keep you safe and symptom free this winter check out our top 10 most effective and proven preventatives to help you and your family stay safe this winter. We also feature a few of our best Cold-Buster Solutions to help keep your immune system in Tip Top Condition. Feel free to share with friends and family to help keep them safe and well this festive season.

1. REDUCE OR AVOID MILK, CHEESE & DAIRY PRODUCTS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE ALONG WITH FOODS RICH IN CHEESE/ DAIRY INGREDIENTS: These products produce high levels of mucus within the body which place a huge burden on an already stretched immune system. When your immune system is busy trying to keep out colds and flu dont give it extra work fighting mucus on the inside. This will leave you vulnerable and open to opportunistic attack.

2. REDUCE OR AVOID SUGARY DRINKS; SWEET FOODS, CAKES, CHOCOLATES & OTHER GUILTY PLEASURES (TEMPTATIONS) AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE: Bacteria multiply very rapidly wherever sugar is present, especially processed sugar. This will increase the levels of bad bacteria in your gut and further weaken your immune defences, mainly headquartered in the gut.

3. BE EXTRA VIGILANT WITH ORAL HYGIENE, BRUSHING AT LEAST 2 TIMES A DAY WITH A NEW TOOTHBRUSH EVERY 4 WEEKS: This will prevent build up of oral bacteria that can accumulate in your gums and cause inflammation. When the increased levels of oral bacteria combine with airborne microbes trying to gain access through your nose and mouth, this can quickly overwhelm your tonsils (outpost of your immune system) and feed or facilitate a sore throat, a common pre-cursor and first sign of a cold or flu

4. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER AND KEEP WELL HYDRATED:: People naturally drink less in the winter, which allows more toxins and harmful pathogens to build up in the body, placing an additional burden on the immune system. Make an extra effort to intentionally keep hydrated. Drink hot water with lemon/lime every morning (natural vitamin c), increase your intake of herbal teas, rose hip, peppermint, honey & ginger, oolong,, old skool bush teas, soursop leaves, moringa, fevergrass, guinea hen etc. Just Keep Drinking!

5. PRIORITISE REST! GET TO BED EARLY - BY 10PM LATEST! TO OPTIMISE RECHARGE & REJUVENATION TIME: When you allow yourself to become run down energetically or too fatigued, your defences are naturally low. A tired body is easier to infect and takes longer to recover.

6. AVOID SNACKING: Eat one wholesome meal a day, preferably home cooked with lots of natural herbs, spices and turmeric. Consume your last meal by 8pm latest so that your immune system is free to concentrate on repairing you instead of diverting much-needed energy and resources to digesting food. This may also cause you to wake up tired.

7. INCORPORATE REGULAR GREEN SMOOTHIES INTO YOUR WEEKLY ROUTINE: Develop a habit of incorporating Fresh Green Smoothies into your diet. Its as simple as a handful of pre-bagged fruit and veg, chucked into the blender, drink and Go! You will feel so much better having a regular supply of powerful antioxidants to feed your immune system. Remember to follow the 80/20 rule of 80% greens (any 5-6 veg) to 20% fruit or sweeteners (1-2 fruits) which could be any combination of apples and citrus fruits rich in Vitamin C. Include a wide variety of berries which are high in antioxidants and especially good for the blood, such as; blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries etc. All great sources of more natural Vitamin C.

8. USE RESPIRATE ESSENTIAL OIL IN YOUR DIFFUSER: Splash a few drops on your pyjamas and pillow every night and on your clothes during the day, to help clear your airways and prevent bacteria multiplying in your nose and throat (very good for young children) The essential oils in Respirate are renowned for their ability to destroy viruses and bacteria on contact, with lots of scientific studies and data to evidence their effectiveness

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9. USE OXI-FLUSH 2-3 TIMES A WEEK: Accumulated waste and by-products from food stored in the colon can make the body sluggish, negatively affect digestion and impact the health of your entire body. Flushing the colon a few times a week will help rid the body of harmful toxins fermenting in the gut and reduce the additional burden placed on your immune system. Over 80% of your immune system is headquartered in your gut. Dont allow disease causing pathogens to quietly breed then overwhelm your immune system when you least expect, leaving you vulnerable to opportunistic infection

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10. TAKE FLU DROPS DAILY: Police your blood, help boost immunity and destroy any harmful microbes before they multiply to cause cold/flu infection. Take flu drops prophylactically to help prevent build-up of flu causing microbes and deny them the opportunity to build a stronghold in the blood and mount an attack on your healthy cells from within.

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I hope you found these practical tips and tools useful. Do apply them to help keep you and your loved ones healthy and well this winter. Please subscribe and share this article if you like the content and feel others can benefit from the practical information.

Blessings in Health

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