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Are You Ready To Be A Superhero...?

We’ve all seen that intriguing film Limitless where the dashing Bradley Cooper stumbles across a miracle drug which unlocks the brain’s full potential and allows him to vastly expand his fortunes. We can all agree – HIT!

The drug’s side effects of mental degeneration and physical infirmity if usage is abruptly stopped is quite a miss however, so fortunately we present to you nature’s alternative, the GO Juice! Detox Brain Juice.

Whether you're studying for a test, a serial entrepreneur, running around after the kids, or just looking for the best bio-hack; gain clarity and focus and unlock your brain’s true potential with nature’s best brain boost.

A potent bio-dynamic herbal formulation that increases blood supply to the brain, enhances memory, increases energy, improves, circulation, alertness and optimises brain function, imagine what more you could achieve in your love life, career and finances if you were working at full capacity.

Key Benefits:

  • Improves memory and concentration

  • Increases energy

  • Enhances mood

  • Increases circulation

  • Assists the body to manage stress

  • Supports the adrenal glands

  • Helps regulate blood sugar

  • Increases the body’s resistance to disease

  • Enhances stamina for exercise or sustained physical activity.

Forget sugary fads such as energy drinks which claim to “give you wings” as all they do is cause a spike in your blood sugar levels, later causing a crash which puts you in a slump. Utilising quality amino acids and vitamins and Siberian ginseng which is an adaptogen, you can naturally encourage your body to function better with increased vitality and energy.

In addition to more energy, you’ll benefit from fewer colds and increased recovery from sickness. If you are suffering from a chronic or long-term immune depressive related illness, this formulation is designed to increase circulation and stimulate the immune system to affect a speedier recovery.

Our great tasting, powerful natural Brain Juice formula is renowned for its ability to enhance brain function and improve all round performance. Usually high strength formulas such as this is only available in distasteful “horse pill” options, but this fabulous elixir is available in a liquid format.

Why is this so important? By increasing blood flow to the brain you automatically increase oxygen and nutrient supply to the electric nerve center of the body. Every organ is impacted in particular your adrenals, which produce the hormones that help regulate blood sugar,blood pressure, metabolism and effectively manage stress. When stress levels are too high the body produces cortisol which can lead to high blood sugar, hypertension and weight gain. By increasing the natural capacity to manage stress, the body remains calm, produces more energy and results in a better more restful sleep.

Brain Juice is particularly appropriate for students requiring additional brain power, or those who run their lives with sustained stress levels and inevitably experience adrenal burnout. Obviously the cause of stress needs to be addressed, but during this time it is an extremely effective aid for supporting flagging energy levels and keeping you alert, energised and at your best throughout the day.

Get in touch to explore how to increase your brain power.

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