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Ready to make 2017 YOUR Year?

Tired of making the same half-hearted commitments each year to tackle

that old chestnut called health?

Are you really actually a zesty, spritely, lithe hot-thing trapped in a badly fitting body, ill equipped to do the things you truly want to do and really actually more tepid than hot right about now?

Bored of setting resolutions that you have absolutely no realistic capability to fulfil?

Then it’s truly time for a change, we’re not getting any younger after all, and as they say, health is wealth…

Procrastination = The Enemy of Success We are all guilty of it, putting off ‘til later what we don’t have to do today. It started with homework at school, moving into essays and assignments at university to the staff report that only gets looked at the day before the team meeting. This is all fine and dandy when it comes to paperwork; as long as you meet the deadline, you’ve finished the race. However, what if the “race” doesn’t have a definitive finish line, just one long journey of achievements (or failures!) until it’s well… finished? Such is the situation with our health, often extremely undervalued and not missed until it goes on a mini vacation – then we’re in a scenario where we’re up proverbial creeks without paddles, so to speak. You might have finally set that goal to achieve the fountain of youth in the next 12 months, increase daily exercise activity, or just to eat more greens – but with recent stats suggesting that 30 per cent will actually fail at their New Year’s resolution within the first seven to 14 DAYS, what’s your reason for falling back into that icky but oh so familiar pattern of behaviours once January has wished us adieu? Often we fear putting in the effort needed to achieve a result and then falling short and failing, so we avoid dedicating the work needed. Many procrastinate because they are perfectionists. People get paralysed by worrying that whatever they do won’t be perfect, so they avoid pursuing what are seen as impossible targets. The final group of people want to change, just not quite enough to keep their efforts consistent. They regularly squeeze the muffin top jelly belly in disdain, but have gotten so used to its presence, they’re not that motivated to put in the leg work to change it for the long term. Let’s not confuse a resolution with a wish…

So which are you? From a few health changes you'd like to implement to achieve optimum health, to suffering from a debilitating life changing long-term illness, all health conditions are reversible (to some degree) and can be improved. But how committed are you to claiming your great health? Here at GO Juice! Detox, we seriously believe that the first step is the hardest and have formulated a New Year, New You detox package designed to kick-start your healthier living lifestyle TODAY.

Led by Channel 4’s The Juice Doctor, Erran Warden, GO Juice! Detox debunks the myth that long-term medication is the only solution for serious conditions, instead advocating nature’s ingredients as the vital catalyst to help your body heal itself.

“Preparing for our long-term health is something we can all begin now as any health condition can be dramatically improved, and we shouldn’t be expected to pay exorbitant amounts to achieve this – nature really does provide. These celebrities that weren’t able to welcome in 2017 with us have all led very fulfilled lives, but many of their conditions may have led to different outcomes if they’d embraced a few small changes earlier, as whilst you’re still willing and able, it really is never too late to improve your health.” The key to success is not a mystery; common sense, a practical plan of action and CONSISTENCY are vital. When it comes to your health, a little bit and often is so much better than occasional long-winded, labour intensive efforts. A lack of preparation and knowledge has often been cited as a major reason for us failing to achieve our resolutions and health goals. GO Juice! Detox simply aims to simplify the process by providing that guidance, a map to help you to achieve the fit, strong, healthy body you deserve, before releasing you into the world, a free, independent butterfly equipped with the tools to release your very best you, for the long term. Are you finished with looking in the mirror and not being happy with the person staring back?

Are you ready to claim your health as wealth for 2017, and MEAN it?

Purge your system of unwanted toxins, Christmas ‘gunk’ and harmful contaminants with whole system cleanses. Eliminate bloating, remove blockage and increase energy with our tried and tested option that’s 100% natural. For further information, leave your details at using CODE GJDJAN17 until Jan 28th and receive this special rate. Alternatively, get in touch with one of the GO Juice! Detox team at and find out how in small, simple steps you can make a lifetime of magnificent change.


The future you want is waiting (no, begging!) to be released, and will thank you for it.

Let us help you find the key to unlocking your full health potential…

Read GJD client Wendy's account of her January reboot, and losing 10lbs in 9 DAYS.

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