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Super Size Kids

Super size Kids! Was a two- part Channel 4 investigation into childhood obesity. Viewers were given an open opportunity to witness the challenges obese children undergo. Erran Warden, Chairperson of Voluntary organisation Streetwise Arts, assisted RDF Media (the makers of Fakin It) in the making of a two-part Channel 4 investigation into childhood obesity. The documentary entitled ‘Supersized Kids’ highlights the emotional rollercoaster experience of 13 year old Ryan Powell who weighed 26 stones, his family and his trainer/mentor Erran. Errans’ objective is to be a firm role model in Ryans life, encouraging him to lead a healthier lifestyle, while getting him to loose weight over the six months the camera crew follow them around. The programme attracted over 3.5 million viewers, with plans for a follow up to be released later this year. Erran is available for mentoring, training, private/public speaking, youth development workshops and a range of other services found on website; He is currently working on a ‘Food for Thought‘ educational program for schools and colleges, which encourages young people to think and look more closely about what they are currently eating, their choices of food and the impact of food on their performance and behaviour. For further information on this course or any of the above services, visit the website or email Erran on

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