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Fri 18 Sept: HAIR CHECK- Healthy hair day 1


A couple of weeks into this naturalista detox and I'm still not over cravings.

My “green” juice, spinach, kale, pear, 5 strawberrys, 2 kiwis. Maybe too much fruit. Not quite adhering to the 80/20 veg to fruit ratio eh?

HAIR CHECK: I also thought I’d make this a hair growth journey too - see if all this greenary and foliage can bulster the old follicles. I did the big chop in November last year I finally clued up to the fact I was clinging on to an overprocessed mess of texturised/not texturised enough strands so I got Mumsi to shave it all off. As in electric buzz buzz all the way to the scalp. I tried say to her - Maybe I should shave it off for charity - get donations in and the cheeky ladybug had the gall to say Nah, who'd pay to sponsor that (referring to my lacklustre tresses). This is the most amount of green stuff I’ve been subjected to in life (it’s not as bad as I thought it would be in truth, but still) I must be able to

declare a truth and have it done, in Jesus' name. Hair is not authors own. I wish. Courtesy of my main hair inspiration Naptural85

I will grow strong and healthy hair, these strong-ass

nutrients will travel up my veins, penetrate all my mucous

membranes and get on with fortfying the barnet -

pushed along by prayer. Lord knows they need the help :-/

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