Tues 15 Sep: Whatever happens in fat club, stays in fat club

My friend has started a fat club. A flash of inspiration came to me and I gave her the name - She Who Thins Wins... yes, I was pretty proud of myself too. Today was the first day, 5 other women all wanting to lose weight. I felt a bit of a cheat as I’d already started this journey earlier so have already experienced results- the clothes are less tight. We did the weigh ins - I was 11.11 My height (5"8) does hide a multitude of sins, I tell you. The girls were cool, everyone has their goals - which was overwhelmingly to reach a comfortable size 10! Me included. I think my ideal weight is 10.5 stones. It’s £4 a session, the money is collected and in 15 weeks we’re all going to use it to go for a nice meal. The person with the least amount of weight loss has to pay for themselves though.

Let’s get a nice slice of healthy competition going - bring it on!!!

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