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Goodbye 2016...

You know when you really start feeling old? When those celebrities you grew up respecting start departing to pastures new, or eeek -dying. The sudden news at the end of the year that veteran rocker Lemmy, the lead singer of Motorhead, had died within days of being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer was shocking to many, and made us all note those lumps and bumps we’ve been meaning to check out. Consider also a few other celebrities who also didn’t get to join us on the other side in 2016, from Leonard Nimoy, or Star Trek’s Mr. Spock’s departure from COPD, which he said developed from a long past addiction to smoking, and famed romance novelist Jackie Collins’ sudden demise from breast cancer to the nation’s favourite Cilla Black, succumbing to a stroke in August.

These events amongst personal losses makes you realise, particularly as you get older, that our health is really nothing to muck around with or procrastinate in taking it vey seriously.

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